Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To the right.

Signs can have a powerful impact, but they need to be placed properly. It’s natural for people to walk into a store, head directly right for the first 10 steps and then slow down their pace. AND during these first 10 steps NOTHING is observed.

I recently walked into a nearby Staples, to specifically look at signage placement and as I walked in I did exactly that – noticed nothing for those first 10 steps. The eyes take a while to adjust to the new light, and for some reason we have this naturally tendency to b-line it to the right. By the time I had noticed the sign at the front of the store - it was to late and I didn’t want to slow down to read it. BUT!! if they had placed that sign an additional five feet back, people would of been given ample time for their eyes to adjust and that sign would of been 100% more effective.

Little factors in people’s behaviour can have big effects on the sales of stores. And it’s reading and learning about people’s natural tendency’s that will help businesses better get their words out. Look to big box companies that spend millions a year paying for research for product placement. Take advantage of their research and study the way their stores are set up – there is always a reason.

My advice, slow down. You’ll notice a lot more, and the more you notice the more you’re able to apply to your own business. There’s many simple decisions and actions we can take that can improve the sales of our stores. The cost for those actions = spend some time observing!