Friday, March 4, 2011

In hindsight

What problem do you see with this image, and what can be done about it? Burka Swimsuit

Now introducing the solution to muslim religious wear. The Burqini.


Now here’s the thing, someone recognized the problem, the market, and created the product in 2004. It took people AGES to think of it. A burqa in water is obviously uncomfortable and in hindsight the solution is sooooo obvious. Why didn’t it happen sooner? It didn’t happen sooner because it only became obvious after the fact.

How many of us would have guessed facebook’s success before it happened? How many of us would of put our own money on the bet that it would succeed? Recognizing success before it happens is incredibly difficult.

How can we get better at it?

We need to start by asking ourselves what can we do to improve things, we need to ask ourselves if there is a problem here that I can create a simple solution to. Everyday new opportunities and new ways of getting old things done become available due to technological breakthroughs.

So next time your out shopping take a little bit more time, and think to yourself  “What can be done differently?”