Friday, December 30, 2011

Simple and Imaginative

Giving an empty canvas as a gift is simple, but it’s also infinitely imaginative. The canvas can become whatever the artist desires whether it be a bird flying over an ocean landscape or an old man sitting in central park. What’s important to know is that the delivery of the story is fixed. You can control how the gift is received. You can create what it represents.

This is important because a product can mean something different to everyone that buys it. However, one thing is controllable – the story. Choose your story carefully, craft it diligently, it’s you’re edge.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

‘Roads are meant to be traveled’

Incorporated in 1914 is Kensington a small town in the Heart of Prince Edward Island. When traveling there in 2006, I learned that many people have never been to the west of the island a mere 30km or so. But why? Is it because without inspiration or purpose to travel there’s no need to travel? As an economist would say “It’s because people without a why have nowhere to go.” I think not.   

Roads are meant to inspire and challenge us to go further than we’ve ever ventured before. They’re meant to facilitate our curiosity (arguably man’s greatest gift) and challenge us to adapt. Traveling different and unexpected roads can be exhilarating and thrilling, but it can also be boring and lonely. It’s in these times of boredom and loneliness we are forced to adapt and try different things. It’s in these times that are the most beneficial because we discover things we never knew about ourselves; things that can change our lives forever.

Stay Curious.