Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Future of Receipts

Yesterday I was buying some things as people usually do. And I got my receipt back and started thinking why doesn’t someone create a software that compiles digital receipts?

All businesses would need to do is e-mail receipts. Someone would then need to provide consumer software that compiles digital receipts. After hearing Apple already sends receipts, it reaffirms why I like them so much. Forward Thinking.

As a possible business start-up I asked myself - What can I do to make money? Well what I came up with is. Start a website that compiles receipts. Companies would need to be pay fees depending on how much data they use. The price would be free to consumers. All consumers would need to do is create an account and supply companies with their ID and Code. This website would need to have an exceptional user inter-face among other things for it to be successful.

Ultimately, I see trends that suggest this is where we are headed. 10 years from now digital receipts will be common place. Why? It’s easier for the consumer. And cheaper for the companies. And someone who is first to the plate is bound to make a-lot of money out of this.