Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Be a shipper

So many of us can come up with great ideas and say “Look! I have great ideas, my note-books are filled with great ideas”. We come up with so many great ideas that we get to the point that we have trouble executing through on them, until once in a while we will fall in love with an idea so much that we will work at it. We will challenge ourselves at creating the idea for maybe a month or two month’s and then slowly become less motivated because we become passionate about a different idea, or it’s harder than we expected.

Prolific author and marketing guru Seth Godin says the Lizard Brain is to blame. We need to quiet it. When we are getting closer and closer to the conclusion of a project we find more and more things wrong with it. Our lizard brain is telling us “you’ll be laughed at” or “the ideas needs to be perfect”. Godin suggests trimming ideas in the beginning when it’s cheaper, easier, and will save us time. Work very hard at making your idea perfect, and once you start executing it don’t change anything – keep true to your original plan.

So be a shipper. Deliver ideas on time and on budget by trimming your ideas in the beginning.