Monday, March 28, 2011

Curious Business–

The everyday book aficionado to the self proclaimed bibliophiles (you know who you are) will love this website. Searching for the next read can sometimes be difficult, but the people at will take away that search and send you a new book every month. How do they do it? Simple. You order, fill in a quick description of what books you’ve read in the area, and what/if any specific fields you would like to learn more about.

What I love about this website is that they have taken a highly referenced based business (the selling of books) and have basically hand-wrapped references, put them in a nice bow and sell them in bulk for a good price. What’s best? Their staff are bibliophiles. Book lovers are often searching frantically for new reads and because of that you can expect to receive some obscure and well-written titles chosen from among their personal libraries.

So if your looking for a gift, or just want to supplement your own book buying with a new book everything month or quarter, I highly suggest checking these guys out.

On a side note. This business personalizes to the maximum, and nothing immediately comes to mind with what they could do better. Small businesses will always have that advantage over others – it’s far easier to implement a personalization factor in a small business because the founder’s passion infects those around them.

How can you personalize your business or how would you personalize the current company you’re working for?