Friday, June 17, 2011

Give your business personality.

Ask yourself - How much personality does my business have? If your answer is matching shirts and stylized name tags – there is a lot of work to be done. Personality is important and it is what stands between your business and potential customers. Whether your on a main street or competing with 100’s of other online businesses – personality is essential.

BookPeople is a small bookstore that does just this – they have tons of personality. They use their website to communicate that they’re a small business and can be trusted. It works for them because they aren’t trying to be huge. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that store itself has so much personality to it. The children sections have collages of “I’m Bored” put up on walls with puppet hats and masks hanging around.

They have an old antique stove where the cooking section is, and old barber chairs to sit in if your looking around in sports or technology. They’re competing with bigger book stores because they’ve developed themselves into a landmark. Book enthusiasts all around Texas flock to BookPeople for readings and autographs. Customers are encouraged to stay, read and spend entire days looking around – and it all comes from their personality.




Use the success of Bookpeople as an example, and question the personality of your business, ask yourself what are you trying to communicate? Why are you in this business?

Being boring and mediocre is easy. Giving your business a personality and keeping it is difficult. You need to be committed to your position and the personality of your business, but the moment you start doing this – customers will think of you first.