Monday, June 6, 2011

Choosing the right people can mean success

Choosing the wrong people can mean failure.

Small Businesses are too often built on the shoulders of one or a few people. Unfortunately they can also crash on the shoulders of one or a few people.

When you need to cut your losses and fire someone, don’t tell yourself excuses. All to often we tell ourselves they can succeed. Or he’s my guy. Or I can coach him. The truth is, there will be people who just aren’t right for the job – solve the solution and remove them quickly. One bad person can prevent the success of an entire team.

Instead, when hiring be thorough. Be persistent in finding the right people for your business. If your having trouble finding the right people – it may be a tell tale sign that your not attracting the sort of business or individuals that you thought you were targeting. It might reveal a need to revisit your stores culture and reshape it to target the correct audience.

Today’s question. Who are your most important employees? What do they do to create success for your business?