Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Be different. Do tests.

If your a small business, own what your good at, own your strengths. Being a small business allows you the ability to more freely test ideas. So think unconventionally.

Are you a vendor, manufacturer or retailer I want to give you an example. Take shampoo. Shampoo is one of the things most people become loyal to. People are passionate to the point of conviction and zeal when it comes to what type of shampoo they use. Some of the reason is because no-one wants to risk buying a shampoo that smells bad. Not only is most shampoo sealed so you can’t test it, it smells differently in the hair. What kind of customer wants to waste 15 dollars testing?

Well… I started asking the question how could one create interest in an already very saturated market? Well what I came up with is unconventional.

1) Offer to shampoo and blow dry peoples hair at the source, in the retailers. It creates exposure, it’s measurable and it’s affordable.

It may not be right, it may be, but the very purpose of it is for its unconventionality. It gains exposure through word of mouth, and the media would definitely eat it up. Think Buzz.

My point is. In order to have an edge in todays market we need to be different.

What is your small business doing to be different?