Sunday, August 14, 2011

Packaging means everything

In any major city there are always street performers and there always will be – some good and some bad. There are street performers who have been doing the same act for 10 years and others who try something new ever few months. What we don’t see though is the constantly evolving act and performance. Street performers who do magic on the street may have been doing the same trick 10 years ago – but it never worked half as good as it does now. Why? Because over a 10 year period they have worked to improve the packaging of an otherwise average trick. Instead of a product they sell us on the story, the voice, and the performance. It’s so easy for street performers to try new stories and different avenues of execution to see what works. They are constantly testing the audience to see which reactions work best – and if for two days they aren’t getting much luck – they change it up~!

The great salesman re-evaluates and adapts after every pitch to see what works and what doesn’t. He’s still selling the same product but it’s his packaging that evolves. It’s the student running for president who goes from class to class – constantly changing and adapting his/her speech in hopes to gain votes. We might not like to admit it, but we’re sold on packaging. 

Companies seem to think that if their once or twice removed from the final sale (ie a manufacturer) that they seem to think their done. Packaging never rests. Anyone once, twice or a million times removed from the final sale should speak with those on the front lines and ask questions of them.

How can I improve my current story?

How can I make consumers love my product?

Does the packaging stand out on the shelf?

It’s obvious that this is what’s needed of people removed from the sale – but then why do so many companies get it wrong?  This is why there will always be so many great closet wine producers – who will never get the recognition they deserve – because their packaging sucks. 

Average products with great execution and packaging win.