Thursday, September 1, 2011

Business is a stage

I have been at the Kayaking/Canoeing Nationals in Welland Ontario with my brother this past week. The racers here – like in any sport train year round. When they’re not paddling they’re in the gym. The ones who have the fastest times – train the most, and the ones who train the most win. An entire year of practicing comes down to a few big events that take place every summer – where everything you’ve practiced needs to be executed flawlessly – your legs need to work in unison with your arms, your strokes need to be fluid and unwavering.

Business is exactly like this – except you’re on stage every single day. In order to achieve a truly exceptional brand every part of your business needs to understand one another. There needs to be a certain level of transparency between the different departments so each side can help to improve inefficiencies where there might be some. Every employee needs to understand the purpose and why behind their business and how they’re helping to bring the bigger picture together.

Whether your kayaking or opening a business – know when your on stage and know what’s expected of you when you are.