Monday, May 9, 2011

Leading Teams

Take a man who’s business is currently doing well. A small shop with five – six employees is making money with a lot of potential for upward growth. When this point is reached – relinquishing power will be one of the hardest things for the founders to do. Getting it wrong can mean trouble for his business, so it’s absolutely necessary that he creates the right positions for the right people. It’s essential that thorough and proper training is given from day 1 of hiring– meaning his new “head of departments”  know what kind of job needs to be done but still allowing them the freedom to achieve their goals. That man is Doug Burgoyne who has since started franchising the popular eco-friendly moving box company.

Each head of department develops teams and begins to lead each team in a direction. At this point the head of department needs to set up short term goals inside of the longer term picture. We all know this.

What is often overlooked is the founders role hereinafter. The founder needs to set up short term plans inside of the long term goals – and whatever that goal is – it needs to be sound proof. It needs to be simple. Having simple goals and simple statements will carry through the company – even without the owners presence. Expansion means less control, but in order to keep the same organizational culture and know-how of a small-business – larger businesses need to understand their own long and short term goals and be able to communicate that to all levels of employees. 

Training begins with day 1. Proper training will carry on longer after the founders departure – as long as the right people are chosen from day 1. Doug has received over 1100 franchising requests since airing on Dragons Den and he’s only choosing 10 people that fit with his companies image this year. Doug knows the importance of choosing the right people from day one.

Spend the extra time selecting the right people from Day 1 and your business will lead itself.