Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Be Honest. Show your audience you care.

The simple things matter. Koodo Mobile is a company that claims to cater to students. They’re hip, they’re rad and they want the student market. 

But they’re doing one thing drastically wrong – the little things.

Students are cheap – that’s not in question. What is in question is how should  a company like Koodo should cater to them. On the outside it looks like their doing some things right – and they are. They have advertising campaigns directed at the student market, phone plans that look good to students.

What Koodo doesn’t do is follow up on that promise. They claim to know “Why” they’re in the business “to provide students phones with the bare essentials ” but that really sounds like a what it is they do.

They’re why should be “To show students we’re on their side.”

A strong why would be following up with notifications when students are approaching their allocated minutes. As it is now – they don’t. And they’re basically saying “We don’t care”.

When a company is honest to their customers and shows them that they care – by doing little but necessary things – customers will talk, and share their experiences. And ideally, that’s a position a company wants be in, instead of solely focusing on short-term profits they need to stay tethered to their Why.