Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elevator Test

Many of you have probably heard of the elevator test. But do you know why it is so important? Simplicity. We need to be able to describe our products and services in the length of an elevator ride to keep it simple. We will never have five minutes to describe to someone what our business does, and it should never take that long. If you can’t explain your business in 30 seconds, re-evaluate what is you do. Long descriptions shouts over-complexity and uncertainty ---customers hate both.

This is what I envisioned Apple's marketing managers said in their elevator pitch for the Iphone.

For all individuals challenging the status quo

Who are dissatisfied with others deciding what it is they can or can’t do.

Our product is a phone that gives you the control you desire

That provides the user with thousands of free applications

Unlike blackberry, a business phone.

We have assembled a phone that is powered by the user and makes it easier for programmers to create applications.


Try it out  on your own company, and develop your own elevator pitch.

For (target customers)

Who are dissatisfied with (the current market alternatives)

Our product is a (new product category)

That provides (key problem-solving capability)

Unlike (the product alternative)

We have assembled (key whole product features for your specific application)