Friday, January 28, 2011

Learn a Language

In Western society we should put much more emphasis on learning a second language. In Europe, Asia, South America people speak two, three, four languages and don’t think anything of it. Why don’t we?

It’s easy, not enough emphasis is placed on learning a second language in our schools. Once we decide to travel we begin to see and feel how important speaking another language is, how useful it is! A second language feeds the curious mind. The world is becoming more globalized – that means we are interacting with people from different cultures every day.

Learning a second language creates another avenue of learning; through its people and literature. How awesome would it feel to go to South America and instead of having a typical tourist account – tourist towns – tourist restaurants, you’re confident enough in your communications skills to travel into smaller towns? It’s empowering!
            I don’t think I can put enough emphasis on learning a second language, but in order to show you I recommend everyone of my readers to check out a community culture hall, if you haven't picked up the travel bug yet.